The complete software for
every type of parking

Booking via integrated website with the possibility of quick and secure online payment, management of tariffs diversified by periods and seasons, connection of reservations with the main portals and apps for both the manager and the operator are just some of the advantages offered by eParking , the number one parking management software in Italy. For these reasons, the ITD Srl application is the most chosen and is used daily by the best brands in the parking sector in Italy.

Furthermore, it is possible to create an app for the user that allows them to book a parking space conveniently from their smartphone.


Complete management

The eParking software guarantees complete management of all parking dynamics: from rates to reservations, from assistance to portals, with the possibility of seeing all parking statistics in one click.



ITD Srl guarantees continuous assistance, rapid intervention and available for any need. The IT technical support is always effective in resolving any problems


App Manager

eParking boasts two types of apps: the Manager app is dedicated to the parking manager and allows you to view the main statistics of the activity such as receipts, entries and exits, reservations and more.


App Operator

eParking boasts two types of apps: the Operator app is dedicated to operators (e.g. shuttle driver) and allows you to view the main useful information such as customers to be picked up on the shuttle, available seats on the vehicle and more.


Payment systems

eParking integrates with all the best online payment systems, to guarantee greater choice and security for your customers. Satispay , PayPal, Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard ), Afterpay are just some examples.


Calling system

With the technical assistance of ITD and the eParking application, an automatic shuttle call system is included. You will have a virtual switchboard always operational with automatic answering machine and extension management.